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30Yr Fixed Refinance Mortgage
A refinanced mortgage is one in which a borrower pays off an old loan with a new loan. A 30-year fixed mortgage is a loan that has an interest rate that stays the same for the 30-year term of the loan.

1Yr ARM Refinance Mortgage
A 1-year ARM is an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) that has an initial interest rate for one year, and thereafter has an adjustment interval of one year. The adjustment is based on a comparison of interest caps and the indexed rate.

FHA Mortgage Refinance
A 30-year FHA mortgage is insured by the Federal Housing Administration and has an interest rate that stays the same for the 30-year life of the loan.

80-20 Mortgage
80/20 loans are also described as combination financing or piggyback loans and offer a convenient way to provide creative financing in a purchase, refinance, home improvement, or debt consolidation transaction.

30-Year Mortgages Now Available for Debt Consolidation Loans and Home Refinancing Solutions:

Reducing your monthly debts is the most effective way realize significant monthly savings. Eliminate the burden of high interest credit cards that seem to have never ending balances.

We provide consolidation loans from lenders that specialize in debt reduction mortgages & debt consolidation loans and second mortgages in all 50 states. Pay off your bills with a 2nd home mortgage and you could reduce your monthly payments by hundreds of dollars each month. Of course, there may be additional tax deductions for mortgage interest as well.

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